FP7-IDEAS-ERC World Seastems

International Workshop ERC "World Seastems":

Maritime Networks in Space and Time.

16-18 June 2014

Workshop outline & call for papers

More than 80% of world trade volumes occur by sea nowadays. Despite this enormous importance, little is known about the precise distribution and evolution of maritime flows. This international workshop on maritime flows and networks wishes to gather worldwide scholars and experts from all scientific and disciplinary backgrounds to introduce and discuss their researches on various related issues. This is a multi-disciplinary event which will investigate how maritime flows and networks of any kind can be analyzed in order to answer major industry and wider societal challenges.

Contributions will deal with themes such as:

The originality of the workshop is to put a strong emphasis on the methodological aspects across a wide spectrum:

It is intended that this workshop will lead to a book publication, based on a selection of best papers following the workshop itself. Young scholars as well as confirmed experts are all welcome, from both social and natural sciences (i.e. archeology, history, geography, economics, engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, geomatics...).

Please send your 1-2 pages abstract max. with title, keywords, and full affiliation(s) to cdu@parisgeo.cnrs.fr.

Workshop key practical information (updated on: June 10, 2014)

List of workshop participants (updated on: June 10, 2014.)